Configure The Scenario

So before we can start we need to configure our Scenario. To do this we are going to need provide a number of things.

 var scenario = GrpcScenarioConfiguration
                .WithStoryBook<MyStoryBook, MyStoryData>()
                .Configure(options =>
                    options.Services = _host.Services;
                    options.LogMessage = s => _output.WriteLine(s);
                    options.GrpcClient = c => new MyGrpcClient(c);
                    options.Client = _httpClient;
  1. Line 2 we specify our grpc generated client.

  2. Line 3 we specify our StoryBook & Story Data

  3. Line 6 we provide an instance of our Service Provider so we can use dependency injection within our Stories (Optional)

  4. Line 7 we specify how to log our output (Recommended)

  5. Line 8 provides a delegate function to instantiate an instance of our gRPC client (Required)

  6. Line 9 provides an instance of our HTTP Client.

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